References & Experience

I took classes and passed the tests under Ballroom Dance Schools such as Dance Masters.
I've attended many ballroom teachers' dance clinics in San Francisco and New York.
I studied ballroom dance in college as a minor.
We were required to know how to do BOTH the man and the lady's footwork
as well as how to lead and follow.

     Teaching dance:
I  understand what it takes to be a good leader as well as knowing ways to become a better follower.  
I am very patient! Many of the people in my classes are supportive in helping others.
I strive to help my students to feel comfortable in asking questions in a good solid learning environment.

     Teaching locations:
I  teach dance in my studio.
I am willing to travel to help others learn how to dance.

     Some of my references:
If you want to review of my teaching, you may go to

Some references:

Again, a huge thank you for the lessons you gave Leila and I last year. 

It was great to be able to do our "wedding dance" without feeling insecure!

Thank you,                 


We had a blast taking lessons, and absolutely appreciate what we learned from you, and the experience we gained.

I am still attaching a few photos of us doing our first dance so you can put this on your board!!  

I will pass your name along to any friends and family that get married in the near future.

Thank you Vivian! 

Sarah Hirschman

The more you practice and dance, the more you improve!  Viv's Dance Studio is a great place to start.  Happy feet!!!

Wanda Goode

Dance review
I knew nothing at all about dancing, and Vivian led me through slow dance, foxtrot, swing, and others,
adding new moves and patently letting me practice them. She helps me combine moves into a sequence
that makes the dances "how", and she gives me tips on how to make the dance look polished. Most
importantly, Vivian teaches me the cues to the moves, so that I can communicate with my partner, and
lead her in the dance. Yes it takes work, but Vivian is a joy to dance with. We have a good time, and I’ve
learned so much that I went from clumsy to being able to ask a woman to dance and make it happen.
 Bob L of Midland, MI